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It's me, sciteach, with a tip for students and teachers alike: Flashcardlet. A free app through the Apple App store that lets you create your own flash cards for anything. As a teacher, I encourage positive uses of technology if I can. Most kids have a phone as it is, so why not let them use them?


How much time do you have time waiting in the car, bus, lines, etc? If a kid has got their phone anyway and a test is coming up, just five minutes here or there with the app is a good way to cement the words in their head.

As a teacher, I can also create "Decks" for them to use, as well as show them how to download other people's decks they created. Want to study up your Spanish vocab? Don't have time to enter in a whole list of verb conjugations? Someone probably has it done, so go grab it and get studying.


I haven't checked, but I can imagine a bunch of flash card apps on other devices, too.

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