Hello Everyone. My name is sciteach and I have a problem.

For some reason, though I have been active in some areas of Kotaku, I managed to overlook the seedy underbelly of goodness in the "TAY" portion of the site. Recently GiantBoyDetective welcomed me on board, and now I am looking forward to joining this awesome community.


About two years ago I started messing around with Photoshop and found a nice place to work that part of my brain here on Kotaku. I believe that I have participated in 90% of the shop contests since then. However, that was my main participation on the site.

I am a middle school science (and sometimes math) teacher of 14 years... yes, I managed to stay "sane" through all that time. I am a writer as well, posting simple science articles in several magazines across the US monthly, and also a (~daily) contributor to the fan run website, "PS Vita Hub." I run a writing club, dubbed "The Young Writers Club" at my school, and we are just about to publish a short story anthology. I also self-published a YA fantasy novel last year and am busily writing a sequel. The book is called, "The Soulkind Awakening" and it is a tale of a world where magic is slowly returning and how the folks of the land are dealing with all the changes it brings. More on that later.


Some things you will see me post about on this site are:

Star Wars

Lord of the Rings

Anything Playstation

Photoshop anything

Some crazy games that I made up for my teaching (I may need some advice)

I look forward to joining this community and interacting with all you fine folk here.




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